Digital and Intraoral Photography

Digital and intraoral photography are great resources for dentists to view and document tooth problems and progress. Patients can benefit too by receiving an image of the problem to better understand what’s happening and which treatment solution is best.

What is Digital & Intraoral Photography?

Digital dental photography involves images of the mouth and teeth. A series of images can be taken of the teeth to plan for treatment and to show patient progress during treatment.
Intraoral photography uses a small pen-shaped camera to get a better look at your dental health and possible issues. Images can be taken of the teeth, gums, and rest of the mouth and will instantly be sent to a viewable screen.

This allows for many oral health conditions to be detected immediately, including:

  • Tooth decay and cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Crack in the enamel
  • Tooth or gum abnormalities
  • Healthy and unhealthy areas of the mouth

You May Need Digital or Intraoral Photography if:

  • You would like a visual aid in understanding your dental problem
  • Your dentist needs a better look at the problem area
  • You are undergoing treatment that could use documentation to show progress

What to Expect During Digital & Intraoral Photography

During your appointment for digital and intraoral photographs, you will be comfortably seated in a chair and might be asked to hold certain positions while photos are being taken. Retractors and other devices may be used to fully expose the gums and teeth for a better view. Mirrors might also be used to photograph hard to view areas of the mouth.

Your dentist or technician will go over the images with you and point out any problems they might find. Because they are digital, these photographs can then be shared with other dentists or health care providers to help with further diagnosis and treatment or to act as a record of your dental health.

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