Snore Guards

Snoring can be an annoying issue, especially for anyone sleeping in the same room as you! A snore guard can help eliminate snoring to give you a more restful sleep.

What are Snore Guards?

Snore guards are devices that can be worn at night to give relief from snoring. Snoring occurs when tissues in the back of the throat vibrate to produce sound. A snore guard works to separate these vibrating parts by moving the lower jaw and tongue slightly forward. This allows for less vibrating and more restful sleep.

You Might Need a Snore Guard if:

  • Your spouse has complained of your frequent snoring
  • You have been diagnosed with sleep apnea
  • Your lack of restful sleep is interfering with your everyday life

Snoring can be difficult to identify, especially if you sleep alone with no one to inform you of your constant snoring! If you suspect you could be snoring at night, you might request to participate in a sleep study to see if you could really benefit from a snore guard. You might discover that you have sleep apnea, in which case different treatment might be necessary.

Taking Care of Your Snore Guard

Snore guards will be in contact with your teeth all night, so it’s important to keep them clean! A gentle toothbrush with water and toothpaste can remove particles from the device. However, a special denture cleaner should be used to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria on the device. Snore guards aren’t designed to last forever, so if you notice any wear or have had the same snore guard for many years, you might look into having it replaced.

If you think you might be snoring, talk with your dentist at your next visit. It’s important to rule out other more serious causes of snoring such as sleep apnea. Your dentist can recommend further treatment to you and determine if you might benefit from a snore guard.