Sports Guards

Many sports involve contact and risk of mouth injury. No one wants a chipped or missing tooth affecting their smile! With a sport’s guard, you can focus on playing your best without worrying about chipping or losing a tooth. Keep your smile full and healthy by getting a custom mouthguard.

What are Sports Guards?

A sports guard is a mouthpiece that is worn over the teeth to protect them from possible impact. Any sport that involves contact, flying objects, or possibly falling, should be played with a sports guard to protect the teeth. Sports guards are also custom made to ensure a proper fit. This is important in keeping the mouthguard in place and keeping you comfortable so you will forget you’re even wearing one!

You Might Need a Sports Guard if:

  • You play a contact sport
  • You play a sport and have braces
  • You play a sport with flying equipment
  • You participate in activities that pose a risk of teeth injury

Common sports that might require a mouthguard include football, soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, gymnastics, skateboarding, and mountain biking. Those with braces should be especially aware of possible mouth injuries. Injury to the mouth could result in broken brackets and other damage to the mouth. If you have braces and participate in a sport, a sports guard can act as a barrier between your braces and your lips and cheeks.

Taking Care of Your Sports Guard

Mouth guards should be replaced with every season or once they show signs of wear. Replacing a mouthguard is especially important for children and teens whose teeth are still shifting and developing.

Your mouthguard should always be kept clean and stored properly by following these tips:

  • Rinse or brush mouthguard before and after each use
  • Clean mouthguard regularly with soap and water
  • Bring mouthguard to regular dentist appointments for evaluation of its condition
  • Store and transport mouthguard in a sturdy, vented container
  • Avoid leaving mouthguard in the sun or heat
  • Continue to check mouthguard for signs of wear and tear

If you or your child will be participating in a sport or activity that could result in a mouth injury, contact our office today! we can schedule an appointment for a sports guard fitting and save you money by avoiding future chipping and tooth loss.