Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are a common ailment among patients of all ages. When a dentist finds a cavity, they use fillings to repair the tooth quickly and effectively. Fortunately, here at Healthy Living Dentistry, we offer an undetectable kind of filling that is the color of your tooth for a natural looking result.

What are Fillings?

Fillings are used to repair teeth with cavities or to repair damage such as cracks or chips. Dr. Kim offers his patients tooth-colored fillings or composites for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Cavities are most commonly found in molars. This is because of their shape and heavy use for chewing food. The crown of the molar is particularly prone to food getting stuck and causing decay over time.

You May Need Tooth-Colored Fillings if:

  • You have damage or decay
  • You have a cracked or broken tooth
  • You have a worn-down tooth from grinding your teeth at night or nail biting

What Should I Expect When Getting Fillings?

Cavities are typically found during an annual comprehensive exam. If Dr. Kim does find cavities during this appointment, he will likely have you scheduled for another visit to have them removed and filled. At the filling appointment, he will get started by numbing the area around the tooth. This will make the experience more comfortable and allow Dr. Kim to get to the source of the tooth decay without causing you any pain.

Next, Dr. Kim will use a drill to remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth. He may opt for a different method for removal based on the degree of damage or decay. After Dr. Kim removes the decayed portion, he will then double check that it has all been removed and will cleanse away any debris from the drill.

With tooth-colored fillings, there are a few extra steps needed to finish them and secure them to the tooth. The tooth-colored composite will be applied in layers and then cured using a tool that emits a special light to harden each layer. Once Dr. Kim is done with layering the composite, he will shape and smooth the material so that it feels comfortable and natural for the patient.

If you have any cavities or suspect that you may have a cavity, contact Healthy Living Dentistry today. We look forward to helping you get the healthy smile you deserve.