Tooth Whitening

While there are many ways to whiten your teeth at home these days, many of these methods still cannot beat the efficacy and convenience of in-office laser whitening.

What is Laser Tooth Whitening?

Laser tooth whitening is a simple procedure performed in-office in less than an hour. This type of professional whitening has the ability to erase years of stains. For laser whitening, a lightening solution is applied to the teeth and then the whitening process is enhanced with the use of a laser. The laser activates the solution, making the process quicker for a more dramatic result.

You May Benefit from Laser Tooth Whitening if:

  • You have staining from coffee, red wine or tobacco products
  • You do not want to wait through several home treatments

What to Expect When Receiving Tooth Whitening

Laser whitening is a quick procedure that can be finished in one appointment. This is part of why some patients prefer to do this instead of home whitening. The treatment itself is very straightforward. Dr. Kim will apply a whitening solution to your teeth and in order for the laser to stay on the teeth for the whole treatment, he will use a cheek retractor to keep you more comfortable during the whitening process.

The result of this quick in and out treatment is gorgeous teeth, several shades whiter! If you would like to learn more about in-office tooth whitening, call Healthy Living Dentistry today!