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Products We Love

Check out our list below of products that we believe provide great at home preventative dental care. 

All of these products can be purchased via our affiliate link by clicking the on the image below.

Products Recommended by Our Dentist in Foothill Ranch, CA: 


Cocofloss delicious mint at dentist near me 92610

Love this floss. I used to use a different woven floss then cocofloss came along. It removed even more floss after my original floss. On top of that? It's infused with coconut oil, and they say it's anti-inflammatory.  I always recommend getting one to see if you like it and then order more because it's cheaper that way.

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity at dentist Foothill Ranch, CA

I have used this toothbrush for several years. It works great. When the battery finally gave out, I tried using a different leading electric toothbrush brand. It also worked really well, but I had to go back to Oral-B after a month.  I upgraded to the new iO series 9. It is slightly better, but not sure if I can justify the much higher price.  Either one works great.

Kid's electric toothbrush: Brusheez

Brusheez children's toothbrush at family dentist Foothill Ranch, CA

This works really well for our daughter.  I did not think she would like it because it of the vibrating/buzzing, but our 4 yr old giggled and loves it.  I let her pick it out and she just loved the unicorn.  If you consider getting an electric toothbrush for your kid you have to make sure they will accept the vibration/buzzing. I'm pretty sure some will hate that.  But if they like it, electric toothbrushes are so much better than a manual toothbrush.  Good luck and I hope your little one likes it as much as mine does.


Non Dental Things: 

Grilling: Grill heat aid bbq gloves

Grill heat aid bbq gloves

I enjoy grilling, not that great at it yet, but I try and try and try.  Hopefully I'll be pretty good at it one of these days. I got tired of burning my hands, because as a dentist my hands are pretty important.  These work great. I can even grab hot coals and it doesn't burn, but don't hold them too long.  I really just use it to grab the charcoal chimney and the grill.

Grilling: Meater thermometer

Meater thermometer
These work so well. The only problem is they are a bit on the thick side, so they leave a bit of a hole in the meat. But works just as advertised

Car stuff: Ryseab portable tire inflator

Ryseab portable tire inflator

One of the best purchases I have made. One of my best friends recommended this because......properly inflated tires are incredibly important.  This portable inflator makes it so easy and it works really well.  Now my tires on my car, wife's car, parent's car, daughter's bike are all properly inflated.

Lazy reader: Vinmax prism glasses

Vinmax prism glasses
We use these in our Foothill Ranch dental office, for our patients. They seem to love it. Many have asked so here is a link for those that are interested.

Camping: Iwatani butane stove

Iwatani butane stove
We like to go camping and this works great. Comes with a carrying case to protect it.  It is incredibly strong.  Will get the water boiling in an instant.  Also works well in the backyard.
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