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At Healthy Living Dentistry in Lake Forest, CA, we invest in advanced dental technology so that your dental visits can be efficient, comfortable, and productive.

Dr. Roy Kim, DDS spends hours learning about advanced dentistry and equipment to pass on his learning and investment to you, our patient. 

We invite you to browse through some of the technology we work with. If you have any questions, we will always be happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment, so please don't hesitate to call us at (949) 830-2003!

Digital X-Rays

Often, the greatest dangers to our oral health are invisible to the naked eye. Tooth decay, infection, and gum disease often grow deep inside a tooth or underneath the gum line, where they remain hidden until your next dental exam.

Dr. Roy Kim, DDS uses digital x-rays to offer a high-resolution image of your smile, allowing us to identify and treat any dental health concerns. 

Digital x-rays enjoy many benefits, including our ability to share the images immediately with patients on a chairside monitor. Dr. Kim can zoom in on the image without using quality and resolution so that patients can see what we see. 

Digital x-rays also emit less radiation than traditional film x-rays, which many patients love. Since we don't need to use dangerous chemicals to develop the film, digital images are also gentler to the environment. Finally, we can easily share your images with specialists or insurance providers, and they remain a part of your digital patient records.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Television in Rooms

Our Foothill Ranch patients can relax and feel comfortable every time they visit us. Each treatment room is equipped with TVs for your viewing pleasure – catch up on your favorite shows while we maintain your oral health!

At Healthy Living Dentistry, our goal is your health and comfort.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canals aren't normally synonymous with comfort, but you might be pleasantly surprised. With the help of rotary endodontic tools, we can make your treatment efficient and gentle!

In the past, these tools were made from inflexible stainless steel. Modern-day versions are nickel-titanium, which are far more comfortable and adjustable. Electric rotary instruments have fewer vibrations, which can be distracting and disconcerting, allowing Dr. Kim to perform your dental treatment more efficiently. 

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras that can capture images that are difficult to view within your mouth. This allows Dr. Roy Kim to take pictures of your teeth and soft tissues before casting the images to a chairside monitor. This allows patients in Lake Forest, CA to see what we see, making it easier for them to understand why we might recommend a procedure. We can see issues like worn down dental fillings, cracks, or fractures in your tooth, cavities, enamel erosion, and plaque. 

Intraoral cameras are a valuable diagnostic tool that allows us to monitor your mouth and take accurate images of your oral health. 

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays are two-dimensional diagnostic imaging that captures your whole mouth in a single image. This includes all your teeth, upper and lower arches, gum tissues, and surrounding oral structures. Since they reveal your entire smile in one image, Dr. Roy Kim can use this diagnostic tool to identify bone issues, fractures, impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, and infections. 

We may also use panoramic x-rays to help place dental implants, braces, and dentures.

Digital Records

In the past, patient records were stored on paper in files throughout the dental office. By keeping your patient information securely stored on our in-house network, we can maintain up-to-date records that can be shared with your insurance provider or specialists if needed. Each patient visit allows us to update and monitor the condition of your teeth and gums and any ongoing conditions like gum disease.

New patients of Healthy Living Dentistry in Foothill Ranch can fill out forms online before arriving at their first appointment, so we can have your file ready to go by the time we see you!

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces allow Dr. Roy Kim to perform better dentistry for his patients. His preparations are more accurate and with fewer vibrations and noise – a great benefit for the patient. Your dental experience is more comfortable (and silent) without the high-pitched noise of older handpieces. 

The torque is also significantly improved, allowing dentists to prepare your tooth structure with ease and quickness.

Digital Sensors

For many years, the preferred method for maintaining active records of a patient's teeth and gums were through photographic x-rays,

Digital sensors are quickly replacing tradition with precise, accurate, computer-enhanced images of your smile. Dr. Roy Kim places a digital sensor into the patient's mouth to keep a record of their dental health. We keep these images in the patient's digital records so we can track any changes.


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