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How We Fill Cavities to Hide Them from Nosy People

October 24, 2022
Posted By: Healthy Living Dentistry
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No one needs to know when you have dental work!

As bags of October candy fly from supermarket shelves, it’s little wonder that four out of ten kids under 12 have tooth decay in their primary teeth and six in ten older siblings in their permanent teeth. This trend tends to continue into adulthood. Tooth decay is a process where naturally occurring bacteria multiply to unhealthy levels. Then, the sugar in candy and soda supercharges these microscopic creatures, which voraciously eat away at teeth.

These bacteria will accumulate in certain areas, causing ever-deepening pits in a tooth’s enamel, and bam! A cavity is born. Cavities are like potholes in a road; they start small but can become huge holes if you don’t fix them. Like a pothole, you fix a dental cavity by filling it. And when done well, no one will ever know it was there. At Healthy Living Dentistry in Foothill Ranch, CA, we treat dental cavities with leading-edge tooth-colored fillings to render them virtually invisible. Here’s how we fill cavities.

How Cavities Are Filled at Healthy Living Dentistry

When you visit our Lake Forest dentist for your routine dental exam, we can discover a cavity early, so its treatment is more manageable. Here are the steps we use to keep you comfortable and make our tooth-colored fillings last:

  1. Dr. Roy Kim, DDS numbs the tooth with a local anesthetic, so you’ll feel little pain
  2. With modern tools, he removes decay to create a bonding surface in your tooth
  3. Dr. Kim matches a composite resin to your natural tooth color
  4. With that custom-color material, Dr. Kim fills the cavity and seals it tight
  5. Using a special light, Dr. Kim cures the filling to set the bond and make it strong

The best policy is to fill a dental cavity when small, as the procedure is straightforward and almost painless.

Are Cavities Painful to Fill?

If you allow a cavity to progress and grow to the point that it causes a toothache, our treatment will be proportionately more complicated. But the essential fact is that an untreated cavity is much more painful than filling it. So Dr. Kim’s team is experienced in ensuring you’re comfortably and thoroughly numbed before preparing your tooth.

As a welcome distraction, we also offer televisions in our treatment rooms so that you can watch a favorite show while we work.

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If you think you need a tooth-colored dental filling, you shouldn’t delay – no dental cavity ever filled itself. Instead, give Healthy Living Dentistry a call today at (949) 830-2003 so we can discuss your dental care and schedule an appointment.

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