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How Painful Is a Root Canal?

July 27, 2022
Posted By: Healthy Living Dentistry
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Root canals are painful only in myths. In reality, root canal treatment in Foothill Ranch, CA is pain-relieving. It is the only way to save a deeply infected tooth from loss or the need for extraction.

Reasons Your Dentist Recommends Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infection at the center of your tooth, the area that holds the pulp and nerves, it’s essential to eradicate it as soon as possible. Without treatment, the infection spreads, causes pain, and eventually tooth loss.

If you have a root infection, you likely already have a toothache and swelling near the infected tooth. Many of these infections warrant a dental emergency appointment in Foothill Ranch due to severe pain.

A root canal infection is only painless if the tooth nerve is damaged and non-conductive or if the infection is caught in the emerging stages during a routine checkup with the dentist.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment with Your Dentist in Foothill Ranch

We always provide an anesthetic to relieve the root infection pain. Then, while the area is numb, we extract the infected tissues from your tooth’s canal. Then your dentist seals the tooth with a rubber-like filling to promote healing. You return for a permanent filling or a dental crown in a week or two.

We often recommend a dental crown to protect the structure of the treated tooth.

Root Infection Prevention Starts with Excellent Dental Care

The efforts of your dentist and hygienist twice-yearly are your best defense against tooth decay and oral infections. At the same time, adopting and implementing a good oral care routine at home is crucial. A team member can talk to you about the best practices for optimal oral health.

Contact Your Dentist in Foothill Ranch, CA, Today

If you have a toothache, tooth sensitivity, and gum swelling, you must reach out to our dental team as soon as possible. Chances are you need a pain-relieving and tooth-saving root canal treatment! Contact Healthy Living Dentistry at (949) 830-2003 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roy Kim, DDS

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