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Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

October 26, 2021
Posted By: Healthy Living Dentistry
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Some people believe the only good time to deal with an emergency is when it happens. Those people react and hope they do the right thing. But in truth, the best time to deal with emergencies are before they happen.

At Healthy Living Dentistry in Lake Forest, CA, we have years of experience treating dental emergencies. From that experience, we can help you be prepared for the inevitable, whether it happens to you or someone you love. You can know exactly what to do.

Time-Sensitive Dental Emergencies

While many dental conditions make it debatable whether they're emergencies or not, a few instances are unquestionable; if they happen, you need to seek urgent care right away. Two examples of almost certain dental emergencies are a knocked-out or avulsed tooth and a tooth abscess.

An avulsed tooth may happen during a car accident or a mishap when playing sports, and you have the knocked-out tooth intact; your immediate action is what may save the tooth. Remember these steps in case you ever knock out a tooth:

  1. Handle the tooth minimally and only by the crown – avoid contacting the root
  2. Rinse the tooth with warm water
  3. Pack the open socket with gauze, or place the tooth back in the socket if you can. Otherwise, submerge the tooth in a container with milk or saliva.
  4. Call our office at the first opportunity

Treat Tooth Infections Promptly

When an infection finds its way deep into your tooth root or into your gums, it may result in an abscess. This is a fluid-filled pocket that develops between tissue and is both progressive and highly infectious. While it builds, you may experience a toothache and mild inflammation. If you allow it to get worse, then your abscess could burst, releasing concentrated amounts of bacteria. This release can endanger your overall health, and if it happens, you should seek treatment right away.

Signs that you may have a tooth abscess that needs emergency dental care are:

  • Inflamed and irritated gums
  • Fever with swollen glands
  • Foul taste in your mouth or visible pus
  • Severe pain

The Right Action in Any Dental Emergency

Whether you have a definite need for urgent dental care, or if you're less than sure, the first thing you should do is the same: call us immediately at (949) 830-2003. Be prepared with a list of your symptoms and ready to answer our questions as we ascertain your treatment needs. We will do everything we can to solve your problems and relieve your pain.

Contact Our Emergency Dentist in Lake Forest ASAP!

Being prepared is the best way to handle any emergency. So, if you have a dental problem or are suffering pain, swelling or symptoms just discussed, the Healthy Living Dentistry team will ensure we handle your emergency with skill and care. Call our Lake Forest dentist office at (949) 830-2003 to schedule emergency dental care with Dr. Roy Kim

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