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My dental crown feels loose. What should I do?

When you've suffered some form of tooth damage, you and your dentist can choose from several restorations depending on your tooth needs. For example, we can fix a chip or crack in the front of a tooth with an inlay or veneer. In the case of severe damage, your tooth might need a dental crown, which is a porcelain cap that completely covers your old tooth on all sides.

Your dentist will have measured your crown to fit, cementing it in place with special adhesives. However, these adhesives may break down over time, and with heavy use, your crown may begin to feel loose.

How to Address a Loose Dental Crown

In most cases, your dental crown is a precision-crafted, high-quality ceramic restoration with a replacement cost of potentially hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it represents a significant investment that you want to preserve.

So if your crown feels loose, you should contact your Foothill Ranch dentist right away to get it reattached. In the meantime, you'll want to chew very carefully, and if you completely dislodge your crown, you'll want to make sure you don't swallow it and put it in a safe place until your appointment.

Contact Our Foothill Ranch Dental Office for Crown Repair!

At Healthy Living Dentistry, Dr. Roy Kim, DDS is happy to help treat your loose dental crown. Give our Foothill Ranch dentist office a call at (949) 830-2003 and we can schedule an appointment take care to preserve your crown and ensure you don't lose your investment.

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