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How long does it take to finish a root canal?

Tooth decay is a prevalent health disorder worldwide and primarily leads to cavities that we fix with tooth-colored dental fillings. But in more advanced cases, the bacteria which cause cavities may penetrate your inner tooth. Inside is a cavity that houses your living pulp, enriched with blood vessels and nerves that keep your tooth alive.

If a bacterial infection inflames your inner tooth, you may experience sensitivity, toothaches, and eventual tooth loss. A root canal procedure solves this problem. Dr. Roy Kim, DDS will take digital dental x-rays at our Foothill Ranch dentist office and do additional testing to determine if a root canal is necessary.

The Process for Root Canals in Foothill Ranch

Dr. Kim’s dental team will prepare you for treatment by answering all questions and ensuring your comfort. We can usually complete this process in two visits. During the first visit, we numb your tooth to relieve any existing pain and keep you comfortable. Then, Dr. Kim uses advanced tools to remove any infected tooth pulp and seals your inner tooth to prevent future infections.

We also will take impressions of your original tooth so an outside lab can create a dental crown that blends into your smile.

After a week or two, your dental crown will be ready, and Dr. Kim can place it over your sealed tooth to protect it for the long run. Though a root canal requires your damaged tooth to be altered, your dental crown restores its look and function.

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