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Is Invisalign painful?

One of the significant drawbacks to conventional wire and bracket braces is the high level of discomfort many patients experience. Aside from their actual installation, the structures are rough on the gums and the inside of the person's cheeks under normal conditions, much less when something impacts that person's mouth. This is among the major benefits of Invisalign. When done by a qualified dentist in Lake Forest, CA, they're at the forefront of comfort.

How Invisalign Keeps the Pain Away

The Invisalign system is a series of clear trays custom-made to fit a patient's unique teeth. Though you wear them 20-22 hours per day, you remove them to eat and when you brush and floss. You also will change trays every two weeks or so as they gently and progressively align your teeth.

The materials will not irritate your gums or cheeks, and because they are made based on a highly accurate digital scan, they will fit snugly without binding or chafing. In short, the makers of Invisalign have taken every measure to ensure your experience will be virtually pain-free.

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