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What is the process for a tooth filling?

A tooth filling is a way to reseal a cavity-treated tooth. In the past, these fillings were made of silver amalgam, but today we use tooth-colored fillings in Foothill Ranch, CA.

Patients prefer tooth-colored fillings because they are aesthetically pleasing and don’t draw attention to treatment. Additionally, they are mercury-free and strong. Of course, the mercury in amalgam fillings has been deemed safe, but patients often feel better when it’s not part of their restorations.

After you’ve been diagnosed with a tooth cavity, the process starts with anesthesia to numb the area where your dentist will be working. When the anesthesia takes hold, your dentist clears away the decayed section of your tooth. Then we clean the area and close with a tooth-colored filling.

The tooth-colored filling is made from malleable composite resin, which can be applied in layers, sculpted, and set with a special light. In addition, this same material can cover tooth flaws affordably in a cosmetic treatment called dental bonding.

The only thing better than tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities is no cavities at all! Routine dental care, coupled with brushing and flossing, is your best defense.

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